About Us



Camber Racing comprises of undergraduate students from a broad range of engineering disciplines, who apply their collective intelligence to engineer the ultimate racing machine. Coming from different departments and technical backgrounds, team members bring to the table new and innovative answers to the most challenging of design problems.


Each season, the team comprises of 30 to 35 students working on various aspects of the car namely Powertrain, Vehicle Dynamics, Chassis and Frame, Electronics and Telemetry, Sponsorship Management, Finance and Branding. Together we form a diversified engineering talent offering a domain expertise which is rare to find. Leadership, Project Management, Professionalism, Practicality are skill sets gained by each individual in the job. Hence, here at Camber Racing, we believe in “Building People, Not just Cars!“


Since it’s establishment in 2009, the team has striven and succeeded in multiple occasions and have bagged many awards throughout its journey. Having a very reputable history in the country, the team is the fastest growing Formula Student team in India and aims to deliver and achieve greater goals in the international sector, propelling the nation’s name higher at global arenas. Altogether, considering the above duties and goals of the team, It allows you to have the practical exposure required to engineer a race vehicle, carefully analyse the best means to manufacture and sell the prototype in a broader perspective.

About Formula SAE

Formula SAE is the largest student design engineering competition sanctioned by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE). Founded in 1998 in the United States of America, it now has several competitions in various countries around the globe throughout the year. This competition has an objective to enable student to design and fabricate an “Open Wheeled Weekend Racer” meeting certain standards and rules. There are a total of 600 universities taking part. Ideally, the best team is the one with not the best performance, but also with cost efficient manufacturing and feasible financial statements and sales pitches.

The Competition has been divided into 2 set of events, Dynamic and Static. The dynamic events include all the on track bouts like Skid-Pad, Acceleration, Autocross and Endurance. The static events include a quintessential business plan and marketing strategy and cost analysis presentation.

Static Events

  • Presentation (75)
  • Design (150)
  • Cost Analysis (100)

Dynamic Events

  • Acceleration (75)
  • Skid-Pad (50)
  • Autocross (150)
  • Efficiency (100)
  • Endurance (300)